Sunday, March 18, 2007

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k said...

my comment...

Kenneth L. Wright, Jr., Esq. said...


I just wanted to be one of the first to write on your blog. You and I spoke briefly about my pursuit of the Entertainment/Criminal field of law. I thank you once again for your advice and keep up the good work. May God continue to bless.

Kenneth L. Wright, Jr.

Juan said...

Hi Ms. Lake

I just witnessed the phenomenon called Lauren and was very motivated to inquire. After reading your bio and seeing your reel, i thank Jesus for you. It would be good to meet you someday. You have an awesome purpose and i just resonated with your persona as a representative for black women( i saw you on Ian's show "Meet the Faith" and the light skinned guy was on some ole other-----lol)

By the way my name is JuanGifted

Muah- to the hand,


Prince said...


I saw you on the show "Meet The Faith" although I thought the guy who owns Club Harlem was rude. I really thought you as a strong well educated sista came off to be to angry. Regardless of your education whether you're an attorney, doctor, waitress, or whatever. You came off to be this stereotypical sista. The way you portrayed yourself on the show is exactly why there's this negative energy with sistas. During the show the bright-skin brotha upset you, instead of turning your check and showing you are a classy woman with dignity. You chose to be loud, defensive, and of course bitter. I am a young brotha, who is a business owner. My goal is to inspire and teach our community to
work for ourselves. The problem with us as Black Americans, is once
we make it we become sellouts and look down on our own people. Again I could care less about your law degree, or any business ventures
you own. You need to take it down a
notch, and become a sista to inspire our young people. Please note you can still be ignorant with all the education in the world.


mamamoore said...

Hello Mrs. Lauren Lake's, Many call me mamamoore and you can too. I'm writing to ask you to visit the courtrooms in Houston and see how our young men and women are being treated with no respect, even for traffic tickets. Many say the judge speaks to you rudly and the tickets are so very high. This would be nice to do in any city. Please look into this matter, to see for yourself? Continue to speak for those that have been mistreated. Your an ANGEL sent from above to watch over those who can't get anyone to listen to them. For this I am very greatful.Have a bless day. Sincere Thanks, Mamamoore

Mrs. Nash said...

You are an inspiration to myself and other young black women. I am a writer for CitiGal magazine, and I would love to speak with you in regard to your accomplishments. Again, you are a blessing.

God Bless You,
Mrs. Nash

iohan said...

a smart sister that will inspire many more young ladies to strive for the sky!

Kimberly said...

Hello Ms. Lake,

Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to my 10-year old daughter. We faithfully tune into your HGTV design show. I love your style. Thank you for just being you.

Washington, DC

Chante'l said...


jackie said...

Grace and Peace!

I just wanted to say....You are all that!Until I went to your web site, I never knew you were such a successful black woman.I am a single/single parent, black man who just bought a new 4000+ sq ft home and don't know what to do to my kitchen!I never miss an episode of your show "Spice up my kitchen" trying to get idea's.Lauren may God continue to bless you and keep you and keep up the good work!

mscaraj said...

I just want to say I'm glad to see another positive Black image in the media. I want to know is Lauren natural? I love the curls!

panache said...


Dorlesta said...

Hi Lauren,
I was introduced to you through the reality show "Frankie and Neffie". It was my first time viewing the show and I was very impressed by the way you coached these ladies who have gone through so much. You seemed to have a very positive influence on them and guided them assertively but gently into realizing their worth. You also helped them realize how important it is for them to get their lives together. I pray that you are able to help these ladies for their testimony can have a great impact on other women who have experience the same and watch the show weekly. God bless you, you are truly a renaissance woman and an inspiration!

D Avery
Birmingham, Alabama

TC said...

As a human being, I have tremendous respect for Lauren Lake. As one who considers himself a "rugged individualist," I admire her abilities and applaud her success. As a law student, I have an interest in her words. As a man, I've enjoyed watching the few of her television appearances I happened to catch.
While imploring readers to stay mindful of the above-mentioned respect, I'd like to share a humorous irony I pondered while watching Atty Lauren Lake in a recent television appearance. A news story related a situation at a Chicago Public School (of which I am a product) in which 115 girls are currently pregnant. Atty Lake argued, rightfully so, that this situation is a by-product of the "oversexed" nature of our society.
The irony is this: I was watching an incredibly, outrageously sexy woman speaking about the fact that society is oversexed. I mean, any man with red blood running through his veins cannot help but to have at least some thoughts of sexuality enter his consciousness when watching this woman! And, at time, the camera was showing only her face. She did nothing to actively promote this effect, she just appeared.
Now, please don't misunderstand me; this woman is no object, she is an intellectual entity. It's just that I found it humorous that it was THIS extremely provocative woman who was pointing out that the overtly sexual nature of popular culture is having tangible, negative consequences, and not some Plain Jane.
It's not an affectation on her part, it's just who Lauren Lake is, so I'm not attempting to cheapen her by pointing out her allure. I simply wanted to share the dichotomy of the words and the image.